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Pragati has been a pioneer in bringing new technologies to the Indian market. From the spot UV technology which we introduced in 1996, to the UV presses introduced in 2005 which could print on a range of speciality substrates such as MetPET, plastics, lenticular 3D, etc., we have always brought technology to the market that helps our customers differentiate their product from the crowd.Some of our latest technologies are featured below:


Our Metaltone technology can transfer metallic foils in very fine lines and halftones. Hot foil stamping cannot achieve such fine details. This foil can also be overprinted, opening up possibilities of a wide range of metallic colours.


HoloTrance is our technology of transferring holographic patterns onto the substrate – the main benefits being that selected areas can be holo-varnished. This is also a eco-friendly option as it does not involve laminating a holo-pattern plastic film to the substrate.

Pragati Authenticate

Pragati Authenticate is our suite of security solutions which run the complete gamut from anti-copy to hidden-images to encoded electronic verification systems. These solutions deter counterfeiting and improve your end-users confidence on the authenticity of your product.

Green Bond

Green Bond is a cold-seal adhesive technology licensed from the world-renown Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT). This allows packaging of Blister Packs and Wallet Packs through simple application of pressure. Even heat-sensitive items can be easily packed as there is no heating involved in the process.

360° Packaging

360° Packaging is our specialty window carton packaging, which provides complete visibility of the product from all sides. The top and base can be made from regular board while the central portion is made of transparent plastic – this allows ease of use in sealing, etc. The technology can also be used to fuse different materials other than plastic, opening up the possibilities of new and interesting carton designs.


LENZ® technology allows custom areas with 3D lens effects on packages. This gives a very eye-catching effect, which makes the package stand out.


LiteLiner® is an extension to the LinerLess technology. It maintains the same construction as conventional labels, but cuts down on the backing paper from 60-65gsm glassine to 12 micron PET film. Since the construction is the same, nothing needs to be changed in your current labeling infrastructure – while at the same time giving you environmental, productivity and cost benefits.


LinerLess is an eco-friendly and cost-effective labeling solution, which also increases your productivity! It completely eliminates the liner, which is essentially a waste by-product of using self-adhesive labels. It is therefore very eco-friendly (as there is no waste liner), cost-effective (no cost of liner material), and leads to productivity gains (as a roll of the same diameter would carry lot more labels, leading to lesser number of changeovers).

There are many more options possible. Please contact us with your requirements and we can suggest the right solution.

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