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We at Pragati will spare no effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction by: Partnering with our customers to provide cost-effective, timely & world-class printing. Seeking active involvement & participation of Employees at all levels. Actively investigating & investing in Technology to continually improve Quality & Productivity. Treating Vendors as Partners in Progress. Ensuring complete fairness in all transactions & compliance to all legal & statutory requirements. Contributing to the Society at large.

Equipment Description
Workflow Software Esko workflow (Trap, RIP, Imposition, etc.)
Output devices 1 Creo Trendsetter Quantum F 3244 (8-up Thermal CtP system)1 Fuji Luxel T9500 (8-up Thermal CtP system)1 Screen Tanto DTR-5120 (8-up film recorder)
Proofing devices 2 Epson Stylus Pro 7900s w/GMG ColorProof RIP1 Epson Stylus Pro 7900WT (with white ink for clear & metallized substrates)1 Konica Minolta C6000
Sample Making Esko Kongsberg XL20 die-less cutting and creasing table for quick sample making & short production runs
Scanners 1 Dainippon Screen SG-8060P high-end digital color drum scanners1 Creo-Scitex Eversmart Supreme flat-bed scanner
Software Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Macromedia FreeHand, and CorelDraw.Speciality software such as Esko PackEdge, ArtiosCAD, etc. for applications such as packaging design, structural design etc.

Sheet-fed Presses


Machine Max.Size Description
Komori Lithrone G740 28.3in x 40.5in 7 colour + coater
Komori Lithrone S729 20.85in x 29.5in 7 colour + coater
Mitsubishi Diamond V3000 29.5in x 41.3in 6 colour + coater
Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LX (UV) 28.5in x 40in 6 colour + coater (UV Press)
Mitsubishi Diamond 1000LS (UV) 20in x 28.3in 6 colour + double coater (UV Press)
Mitsubishi 1G6 20in x 28.3in 6 colour + coater
Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LS 28.5in x 40in 5 colour
Mitsubishi 2F5 22in x 32in 5 colour
Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LS 28.5in x 40in 4 colour + coater
Komori Lithrone 240 28.5in x 40in 2 colour + coater
Mitsubishi 3F2 (UV) 28.5in x 40in 2 colour (UV Press)
Komori Lithrone 240 28.3in x 40.5in 2 colour + coater
Komori Lithrone 240P – 2 nos. 28.3in x 40.5in 2 colour (1/1 Perfectors)
Komori Sprint 228 – 4 nos. 20in x 28.3in 2 colour (1/1 Perfectors)


Web-fed Flexographic presses


Machine Size Description
MPS 16in web-width 8 Colour; Full-servo, full UV-curing machine with online cold-foil, lamination and die-cutting options
MPS 13in web-width 8 Colour; Full-servo with Sleeve Technology, full UV-curing machine with online cold-foil, lamination, delam-relam and die-cutting options
OMET 22in web-width 8 Colour; Full-servo, full UV-curing machine with online cold-foil, lamination, delam-relam and die-cutting options.1 movable unit of Gravure also for embellishment.Capable of printing from 0.04-0.6mm substrates.
HP Indigo WS6600 13in web-width Digital press with 7 colour Indichrome
Codimag 13.3in web-width 2 Colour; Full UV flexo & Letter press machine with online rotary silk screen, hot foil, emboss and die-cutting options




Equipment Description
Lamination Steinmann Lotus & 2 Wenchyuan machines for lamination of Gloss/Matte BOPP films as well as Metallised PET films
Full UV/Aqueous coating 3 coaters from Wenchyuan (Taiwan) and Proteck (India) for full or spot high-gloss UV coatings & aqueous (water-based) varnishes


Equipment Description
Cold Foiling Transferring highly detailed patterns in foil without the need for a stamping block.
Laser Cutting 2 Machines from SEI (Italy) for high-speed and intricate laser cutting of materials upto 4mm thick
Spot UV coating 3 Sakurai and 1 Proteck screen printing machines for spot application of gloss, matte, raised and textured UV finishes
Hot Foiling 4 automatic foiling machines in various sizes with foil-saver technology from Germany and Italy (manual machines also available for short runs)
Embossing Multiple embossing machines
Reflection Embossing 2 machines for transfer of fine micro textures and details onto selected areas of paper
Holographic coating 2 machines for innovative transfer of holographic patterns to full or spot varnished areas
Edge Gilding Gilding of edges of books, thick cards, etc., with metallic foils
Equipment Description
Folding machines 7 folding machines from MBO, GUK, Shoei and Horizon with up to 6 parallel and 3 cross folding capabilities
Saddle-stitching (Centre-pinning) 2 Sankoh (Japan) pinning and three-knife trimming machines with up to 7 form gathering stations
Section-sewing 2 automatic section-sewing (Smythe-sewing) machines from Meccatronica Aster, Italy
Perfect Binder 2 auto-perfect binding machines from Kolbus (24-clamp) and Muller-Martini (4-clamp)
3-Knife Trimmer 2 programmable trimming machines for three-side cutting of book blocks from Kolbus and Horauf (Germany)
Case-making & Casing-in Hardcase book making machinery from Kolbus (Germany). Also used for making cases for rigid fliptop boxes
Wire-O sealing Automatic wire-o mounting and sealing machine from Rilecart (Italy) & Renz (Germany)
Wire-O & Spiral hole punching 3 Automatic machines (from Germany and Japan) and 5 manual hole punchers and sealers
Fuse-binding Fused calendar hanger machine from Sanwa, Japan (tops of sheets fused together to form an eco-friendly stiff paper hanger)

Packaging Conversion


Equipment Description
Auto-platen die-cutting 5 Fully automatic platen die-cutters with stripping – from Sanwa (Japan), Sugano (Japan) and Iijima (Japan)
Stripping machines 2 Auto-stripping machines from Kawahara, Japan
Folder-gluers 4 folder-gluers capable of pasting tuck-in, crash-lock and 4-corner boxes from Bobst, Brausse, Bagempam and Tanabe
Rigid box making line 2 Fully automatic rigid box making line (box formation & outer liner pasting) from Emmecci, Italy and China.4 semi-automatic box-making machines from Japan and USA
Case making (for flip-top boxes) Fully automatic case making machinery from Kolbus (Germany)Also used for hardcase books
E-Flute pasting Registered Board-to-Fluting paster from Meigwong, China
Manual die-cutting 6 manual die-cutting machines
Sheeters 3 Sheeters – 2 fully automatic machine from China, and a manual sheeter of Indian make for conversion of paper and board from reels to sheets
Pharma Folding 2 VIJUK & 4 GUK & 1 H&H folding machines for pharma inserts/outserts with 19 parallel and 10 cross folds and spot gluing
Window Patching Machine Fully automatic window patching and 360° window pasting machine from France


Label Conversion


Equipment Description
Hot Foil, Emboss, Diecut 2 station foil/die-cut machine with registered web-feed from Orthotec (Taiwan).Reel-to-reel or with sheeting
Screen printing 2 station screen print machine with registered web-feed from Orthotec (Taiwan).For printing colours or UV effects. Reel-to-reel
Slitter-Rewinder 5 Slitter-rewinders from Omega and Prati. 3 of them equipped with AVT defect-detection systems
Variable Data printing 2 inkjet systems capable of printing at 600x600dpi resolution for numbering, 2D/3D barcoding, etc. Reel-to-reel
Pressure Sensitive Material Convertor Converts printed substrates into pregummed label material, without liner in the case of LinerLess labels and including liner for LiteLiner labels
Other Equipment
Equipment Description
Cutting Machines Programmable 15 fully programmable cutting machines from Itoh (Japan), Polar (Germany) and Proteck (India)
Collators 2 Auto-collators for collating sheets in sequence & 2 signature collator for sequencing folded forms
Sheet Counters For auto-counting of printed stacks
Quality Control
Equipment Description
Label Insepction (3 nos.) Online Barcode & Image Checkers from AVT on slitter-rewinders to do 100% checking of every label by comparing against a reference image of a good sample.
High-Speed Full-Lot Inspection Machine (2 nos.) Checks the entire lot against a defined good sample to catch any defects. For sensitive verticals like pharma, tobacco, etc., these machines provide 100% checking
Spectrodensitometers Auto-tracking Spectrodensitometers from XRite and Techkon are available on all presses and measure the colour bar on press sheets to check consistency
Sheet Scanner and Checking This checking system from Nikka, Germany scans a printed sheet and compares against a PDF or a scanned good sheet. Apart from catching any variations, minute spots, missing items, it also checks the readability of barcodes.
Barcode & Image Checkers Online Barcode & Image Checkers on Pharma Folders as well as our Bobst folder-gluer ensure that no defective items (missing print, reversed sheets, different batch, etc.) get into the job in production

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