About Us – Why Pragati?

Quality is the corner stone of all that we do at Pragati

The most awarded printer in India

We have won numerous National and International awards for the quality of our printing, including the prestigious SAPPI International Printer of the Year (thrice in 2006, 2008 and 2010).

One stop shop

Pragati is a one-stop shop that can handle all your requirements from structural design to production to distribution. Having the entire operation in-house ensures tight control over quality and faster turnaround.

Our Team

We enjoy transforming your vision into the final product, and have the experience and repertoire of tools to make it happen. More importantly, our team has not just the skills, but also the attitude and enthusiasm to bring out the best product.

Quality Management System

Pragati is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a strong quality management systems to monitor and ensure quality parameters throughout the production process.

Extensive infrastructure

Pragati is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to ensure high quality and fast turnaround. A high-level of redundancy (multiple machines that can carry out each operation) and minimum dependance on outsourcing makes us a reliable partner.

Reliable Partner

Pragati has been in the print industry for 50 years, and has earned the loyalty and trust of customers spread across various fields and geographies with our quality, timeliness and customer service. Pragati is a zero-debt company with CRISIL SME1 rating

Green Credentials

Pragati is FSC® certified*. We use vegetable oil based inks and employ the latest technologies to reduce process wastage. Segregated paper waste and plates are recycled.
* Pragati Offset FSC Licence Code: FSC-C018531, Pragati Pack FSC Licence Code: FSC-C020025. We can supply most of our products with FSC certification on your request.  

Cutting-edge technology

Make your product stand out with specialized finishes, printing on non-standard substrates. Protect your brand with our security solutions.

SAP ERP System

Pragati runs on SAP R/3 ERP system with complete operations from estimation to order processing to inventory and financials, providing a transparent system

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